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Explore with confidence knowing that your dive centre and instructor are committed to your safety with DAN's Student Dive Coverage.

Student Coverage


Explore our library of information for answers to the most commonly asked questions about the DAN Student membership package.

Freediving Students

Freediving and spear fishing instructors who are active DAN members and teach a recognised course within the DAN Southern Africa region can register their freediving and spear fishing entry-level students for the free DAN Student Dive Cover package. The recognised course details need to be specified on the application for registration.

Why Student Cover

Life happens! While learning to dive is relatively safe, there are inherent risks. From minor injuries such as ear issues or a slip-and-fall to more serious dive related injuries, this coverage helps ensure you can learn confidently knowing you’re protected.

Your medical insurance might not cover you! Some medical insurance plans exclude coverage for adventure sport and scuba diving injuries. Others may have large deductibles or co-pays for treatment.

Diving-related injuries can be expensive! Students can get hurt during training and medical treatment can cost thousands.

Complimentary DAN Student Coverage

A new world is about to open up to you filled with breath-taking discoveries and once-in-a- lifetime experiences. Go ahead - dive in. Your dive centre and instructor are committed to your safety. Which is why, as a precaution, you will be enrolled in DAN’s Student Coverage program. This complimentary dive cover, fully subsidised by DAN, covers you in the unlikely event of a dive injury during your entry-level training. As a diving-related injury or illness can set you back thousands, it pays to be prepared. While you focus on learning to dive and getting comfortable underwater, DAN has you covered should an unexpected incident occur - above or below water. Students enrolled in this DAN program are covered for up to R300 000 in medical expenses arising from injuries that occur during entry-level (open-water) training and it’s available to you at no charge. Just ask your instructor to enrol you or register yourself.

Join DAN Once You're Certified

Your coverage lasts for 6 weeks after course registration or until your last certifying dive, whichever comes first. We encourage you to join nearly 500,000 divers worldwide who believe in DAN’s mission of dive safety. From as little as R1 900 per year and profits are reinvested into dive safety education and research for the benefit of the entire dive community.

Members Enjoy These Benefits

  • Medical assistance and emergency evacuation when travelling
  • A subscription to Alert Diver magazine
  • Monthly updates regarding the latest in dive safety and health information
  • Eligibility for DAN’s Dive Accident Cover program
  • Access to DAN’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline plus our Medical Information line for non-urgent health and diving issues


All applications are usually processed within 2-days. If you don't hear from us within 2-days after submitting an application please contact the DAN office directly on +27 11 266 4900 or at Please note that the DAN administrative office is closed on weekends and public holidays.