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Alert Diver is the dive industry’s leading publication. Featuring DAN’s core content of dive safety, research, education and medical information, each issue is a must-read reference, archived and shared by passionate scuba enthusiasts. In addition, Alert Diver showcases fascinating dive destinations and marine environmental topics through images from the world’s greatest underwater photographers and stories from the most experienced and eloquent dive journalists in the business.

September 2023 Features

Page 18 - Sharli Durandt: The Next Generation Diver
LOCAL DIVING| Text by Nicolene Olckers |Why We Do It!

Page 24 - KwaZulu-Natal Shipwrecks
LOCAL DIVING | Text by Dennis Guichard | Images by Rae Du Plessis |The Produce.

Page 30 - The Greatest Shoal On Earth
LOCAL DIVING | Text by Tonya Khoury  |It is the biggest bucket list adventure you will ever have off-land.

Page 55 - Underwater Crime Scene Investigators
EDUCATION | Text Kyle Kray | With advancements in forensic science and dive technology, more recoveries of evidence are successfully performed each year. Many items found underwater secure convictions against those who sought to escape justice.

Page 54 - Avoid Diving With Earplugs
EDUCATION | Text Leandra Lynn | A topic that comes up frequently when discussing dive safety is using earplugs.

On the Cover - Photo donated to DAN by Ofek Liepaz
The tiny two-eyed blenny hiding inside an ascidian photographed at Batsata Maze in April this year. I used a Canon G16 in a Fantasea FG16 housing, with an Orcatorch D900v focus light (in red mode) and 2 x Inon Z240 strobes. Blennies tend to be quite skittish, so it was frightened by my bright focus light when I first approached it and retreated deep inside the crevice. I changed my focus light to the red setting and waited patiently for the blenny to reappear, which it eventually did, allowing me to capture one of my favourite photos to date.

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