Gear Rental

Only DAN instructors and instructor trainers can  rent first aid training equipment from the DAN office. To rent DAN equipment, please contact the DAN office at [email protected] or tel. to +27 11 266 4900. Please read through the conditions of rental carefully, before agreeing to rent gear.


O2 unit single set: R200 (R200 cash deposit)
Annie: R200 per item per day (R200 cash deposit)
MTV 100: R150 per item per day (R100 cash deposit)
AED Trainer: R250 per item per day (R250 cash deposit)
O2 unit three sets: R350 per item per day (R350 cash deposit)
Act Fast Chocking Vest: R200 per item per day (R200 cash deposit)

Gear Rental Notes

  • Please check that the equipment you receive is in good working order. 
  • Should the equipment not be returned in good working order,  the renter will be held responsible for replacement or repair of all broken items.
  • Equipment is rented at a daily rate, late returns will be charged accordingly.
  • A cash deposit is required, at the same value of the item being rented. 
  • No equipment may leave the DAN offices prior to full payment, including the deposit. (Rental of the equipment can be made via electronic transfer or credit card with proof of payment.)
  • It is essential to book equipment well in advance (equipment may not always be available to rent).
  • DAN does not rent or allow rental equipment out of South Africa.
  • The rental application form is an agreement between the renter and DAN, which constitutes the agreement to all of the above terms. 
  • Failure to honour these terms gives DAN the right to hold the renter accountable.
  • DAN reserves the right to disallow future rental of equipment if the conditions are not met accordingly.

Gear Rental Request Form