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Inspect your gear for degradation and proper function

Diving Equipment

It is not always obvious when your equipment needs maintenance or replacement, especially after a long break from diving. Some less obvious problems can easily slip under your radar. We all know that equipment failures can and do happen, but theses failures still catch divers off guard.

Some gear you can assess yourself; others will need to be serviced by a qualified technician.

If you have purchased any new gear during the time you were not diving, be sure to thoroughly familiarise yourself with it before you get back in the water.

Inspect Your Gear Before Your Dive Trip

Take care of your gear, and your gear will take care of you. This is especially important if you have been away from diving for an extended period and your gear was unused.


How Old Is To Old

Dive gear such as dive computers and buoyancy compensator devices (BCDs) get old, too. When should we consider replacing them?

Clean Your Scuba Equipment

Dive gear can be contaminated when stored, mold can form, and dust can enter into openings. Cleaning is not just about infection control and is an essential part of maintaining your equipment.

New Gear Orientation

Take time to become familiar with your new equipment before returning to diving. Whether you are a new diver buying your
first set of gear or an experienced diver purchasing an updated piece of equipment, it is important to learn about that new gear.

Cylinder Safety

Ensuring the safety of your dive cylinder is just as much your responsibility as that of the filling station.

Are 6351-T6 Alloy Scuba Cylinders Safe to Use?

Cylinders made from this grade of aluminium have been known to rupture during filling and use. There are safety requirements in place to prevent this from happening, but you need to know and follow these.

Invisible Crystals

Reports of regulator failure due to blockage by degraded breathing hoses initiated an investigation into why this happens. Divers need to read this article and follow the guidelines carefully when using braided hoses.

Air Hoses: A Closer Look

This article summarised  the reasons for the degradation of certain brands of braided breathing hoses.

Hose Failure

Hose degradation is potentially an unseen hazard that you should consider during your predive check.

Gear Maintenance

Protect your investment and prevent dive accidents. Scuba gear is life-support equipment and is just as important to maintain as one’s physical health or personal vehicle.

Dive Emergency Hotline

+27 828 10 60 10

DAN's Emergency Hotline staff members are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide information, assist with care coordination and evacuation assistance.