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Diving Safety Partners

Being a DAN Diving Safety Partner means that in a diving medical emergency, you and your staff are 100% ready and fully equipped to handle the situation. Any recreational dive business that meets our safety requirements can become a DAN DSP. In fact, your business may already meet our requirements! If you need help in reviewing your safety plan, feel free to contact us. For DAN Industry Partners, registration is free of charge; for other businesses, there is a small administrative fee of R350.
Once you have become a DAN Diving Safety Partner and reached the highest level of the programme, you will have access to the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) programme. This component of the DAN Diving Safety Partner programme is aimed at actively preventing dive injuries.

COVID-19 & Diving Activities

This is a period of great uncertainty for everyone, and the diving industry makes no exception. Over the past few weeks we have received a number of questions from dive operators and professionals on what procedures should be followed in view of an imminent reopening of diving activities.

The epidemiological and regulatory situation is constantly evolving. At present, there are no clear answers to all questions. However, as an organisation closely linked to the diving community and committed to promoting diving safety, we intended to share our knowledge and experience.

The document 10 Recommendations aims at providing useful indications on risk mitigation that diving operators will be able to adopt when National, Regional or local Authorities will officially allow the reopening of diving activities. It includes: Answers to the most frequently asked questions | Template of Public Notice for Customers | Practical tips on protective masks and gloves.

The document might be subject to changes and updates. In this regard, we intend to listen to the community: dive operators, dive centres managers, and all those who want to contribute with their knowledge and insights.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

We'll get through this emergency together!


All applications are usually processed within 2-days. If you don't hear from us within 2-days after submitting an application please contact the DAN office directly on +27 11 266 4900 or at Please note that the DAN administrative office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

the hIRA standard

DAN’s Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) program helps owners, operators, staff and dive professionals identify hazards before they lead to injuries or losses. Focusing on realistic and pragmatic assessments of risks that could lead to serious outcomes, the program provides tools and strategies to proactively mitigate these incidents.


  • Minimise the severity of incidents and their impact on your business
  • Remain in compliance with local and national safety codes
  • Improve safety for your customers and employees
  • Reduce the risk of injury in dive environments
  • Improve the management and organisation of your operation
  • Engage with DAN and have a direct line of support via our data, tools, and offerings
  • Inspire confidence in your staff and your divers
  • Reduce the long-term costs of injury and liability
  • Improve staff training and retention
  • Establish and maintain a culture of safety within your organisation

Take safety to the next level

When a diving business is well prepared and equipped, it reduces the frequency of occurrences and handles emergencies in a way that reassures its staff members and customers while mitigating potential outcomes.

The DAN Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) program trains dive operators and professionals to do just that. A fundamental element of DAN’s ongoing work to cultivate a culture of safety in the diving community, the program is backed by the strength of DAN resources worldwide.

The DAN HIRA program is based upon well-established HIRA practices in other industries and many community-safety agencies worldwide, including OSHA and FEMA. The program addresses the real world concerns of dive operators and professionals and is already live and improving diver and operator safety in the DAN Europe and Southern Africa regions.




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Make sure you have the necessary training, equipment and plans to address the most common emergencies with this online self-assessment.


Dive deeper and analyse your risks in greater detail. Adapt your emergency action plans using our online portal to cover various aspects of your dive operation.


Refine your emergency action plans for optimal safety and risk management in every aspect of your dive business. Dive operators can complete this assessment online or request on-site evaluations for expert advice.