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Health & Diving Resources

​Compiled from years of research and data analysis, these materials provide valuable information on topics critical to diver health and safety and address common issues encountered by new and experienced divers. The smart guides provide top-level and vital information on popular diving health and safety issues. The guides offer themed topics with universal appeal ranging from How to Beat the Squeeze and Equalise like a Pro to Ways to Run out of Air and How Not To. These essential resources are available to you as tools to help you enhance diving safety in the community.


​DAN is your dive safety association. Join more than 6000 of your fellow scuba divers who have already decided to become members. DAN offers a variety of membership options so that every diver’s needs are fully catered for. The following are DAN’s main membership options.
​Annual Membership  
For individual divers & families 
​Student Membership
For entry-level students
DAN Training
​Skills relevant to the divers
Temporary Membership
For short trips
​Industry Partner
For dive businesses
​Diving Safety Partners
The next level of dive safety
Smart Travel Guide
For divers who love to travel
Giant Stride
The guide for new divers
Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
Promoting a culture of safety at diving businesses

DAN Training

​DAN Training provides practical ways for divers to learn first aid skills relevant to the diving environment. The focus is on both the fundamental and advanced safety principles every diver should master to be a competent diver and dive buddy. While DAN goes to every measure to assist divers in emergencies, it is better to be prepared especially when diving in remote areas away from any immediate help. Being educated about emergency procedures and first aid can mean the difference between life and death!

DAN Hotline

​DAN’s emergency and information hotlines are staffed by medically trained diving professionals, our physicians, medics and emergency medical technicians dedicated to providing assistance to divers in need. Our services include medical information, referrals and evacuation assistance. In addition, members benefit from medical support from international diving and hyperbaric physicians.
0800 020 111
from INSIDE South Africa
+27 828 10 60 10
from OUTSIDE South Africa

DAN Podcast

​We know that divers love to travel and most of us enjoy the comfort of our smartphones or tables. Therefore the DAN Podcasts are ideal for divers on the move! You can listen to professional diving physicians share their insights into dive and safety topics where ever you are. The educational Podcasts provide unique insights into prevention and management of diving accidents. The audio clips allow divers the to learn about common dive problems associated with ears, headaches, equalisation techniques and even controversial topics such as malaria.

​If you can't equalise! Abort! 

​Your lungs and diving 

​Air, Nitrox & Fatigue 

​Diving Under the Influence 


​More than bubbles 

​Medication & Diving 

​Malaria & Diving 

Resources Overview

​With an eye on promoting dive safety in Southern Africa, DAN has an extensive list of resources to ensure that members get the maximum possible advantage from their membership.
​The DAN Hotline
The DAN hotline is available 24/7/365 to divers in need whether they have a diving medical emergency or simply have a medical question. This indispensable lifeline exists because of the support of our members. Call 0800 020 111 from inside South Africa or +27 828 10 60 10 from outside South Africa.
​DAN Medical Research
With studies such as Flying after Diving, Doppler Bubble Research and Project Dive Safety DAN is actively contributing to increasing dive safety and leading the industry in diving physiology research.
​Alert Diver Magazine
Alert Diver is a bi-annual publication dedicated to bringing Plus and Master members the newest in medical research, DAN’s activities and dive safety.
​Safety Seminars & Educational Materials
DAN's educational materials provide unique insights into prevention and management of diving accidents.
​Emergency Evacuation Benefits
As a DAN-SA member, you are entitled to the benefits of our emergency medical programme. This includes evacuation in a medical emergency when you travel more than 100 km from home or when you are on a dive trip. In addition, the benefit extends to include non-diving, emergency medical expenses when you are travelling outside your country of permanent, registered residence for a maximum period of three months (Plus and Master members only).
​DAN Family Support
DAN Family Support provides an immediate R15 000 to R25 000 payout to the nominated next of kin on notification of the dive-related death of an active DAN member, subject to the terms and conditions listed in the DAN Membership Handbook.
​DAN Chamber Assistance Programme
A network of hyperbaric facilities worldwide is supported by DAN and its membership fees. With DAN’s assistance, hyperbaric facilities are improved to provide the best possible service to injured divers.
​DAN Assists Dive Professionals
DAN assists dive professionals in areas of particular interest, including the provision of emergency oxygen. 
​Diver IDentification System
The Diver IDentification System (DIDS) monitors up to 24 divers at the same time, ensuring that everyone returns safely. No diver will ever be left behind! Contact the DAN Industry Partner team about how you can start using the DIDS on 011 266 4900 or send an email to