​Welcome to Divers Alert Network Southern Africa

​DAN-SA is a Public Benefit Organisation that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, and provides a wide range of research, education and training programmes that promote safe diving. DAN-SA is supported by more than 8 000 fellow divers with a further 250 000 international divers supporting DAN America, DAN Europe, DAN Japan, DAN Asia Pacific and DAN Southern America.

The New Alert Diver

​Available across all platforms and filled with rich media.

The Alert Diver offers an easy and enjoyable way to keep up with the latest DAN news and safety tips. The magazine is dedicated to dive medicine and written by DAN experts from all over the world. It provides insight into dive medicine, the latest in DAN statistics, research, safety and training. It’s a gateway to enriching your knowledge of dive safety.

​The digital version of the Alert Diver is available to all divers. If you are a current DAN member you can request the password of the latest Alert Diver issue. Please contact us via email at mai@dansa.org. Non-member are able to purchase and download the digital version of the Alert Diver at a nominal fee.

​DAN-SA Internship

​We encourage young minds interested in diving safety to participate in the DAN-SA six-month Internship Programme. Interns will get to participate in all aspects of the DAN-SA  –  the hotline and medical information database, publications, the website, various DAN courses, research, and much more. We are seeking individuals with a matric qualification or higher who are either considering a career in diving, diving tourism, emergency response services, marine biology or oceanography, or those who simply have a passion for diving. Interested individuals can submit their applications directly to Laurel Reyneke at danmedic@dansa.org
Medical Team
Our team of diving medical professionals can answer all your burning questions.
DAN courses teach dive safety at every level from basic to advanced.
Health & Diving Resources
Ttop-level and vital information on popular diving health and safety issues. 
Safety Tip
Staying fit & having regular medical check-ups promotes safe diving.