​Welcome to Divers Alert Network Southern Africa

​DAN-SA is a Public Benefit Organisation that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, and provides a wide range of research, education and training programmes that promote safe diving. DAN-SA is supported by more than 7 000 fellow divers with a further 250 000 international divers supporting DAN America, DAN Europe, DAN Japan, DAN Asia Pacific and DAN Southern America.

New Membership Fees

​​DAN members will be glad to know that we will only marginally raise membership fees from the end of September 2015 to keep up with inflation. As you know by now, DAN-SA does not apply an automatic annual increase to membership costs. Whenever possible, we absorb rising operating costs through the careful management of all our resources. Notwithstanding rising costs, shrinking markets and the reduced number of active and travelling divers, DAN-SA has been able to leverage its assets, restructure its group cover policy and reduce printing and mailing costs in order to avoid a significant membership price hike. This has been possible in spite of increasing medical treatment and evacuation cost escalations of twice to three times the annual inflation rate. More good news is that not only will our present services be maintained, but our global catastrophic-cover amount has actually been increased. In addition, we plan to introduce many additional services, like the enhanced website, near real-time information on the blog, input by the DAN legal network and an even greater commitment to international diving research efforts.

Travel Notice

​The travel notification is for DAN-SA to know when our members travel abroad and to note this on our system. With the information provided by you, the DAN-SA Member, we would be able to plan potential evacuation procedures and advise you on the availability of appropriate facilities where you will be diving. Please note that DAN-SA membership is not insurance and is secondary to any other Insurance or Medical Aid you might have. The travel notification only applies to active DAN-SA members.  
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Staying fit & having regular medical check-ups promotes safe diving.