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DAN invites you to participate in the Diving Safety Partner Programme. As a DAN Diving Safety Partner participant, your business will be identified as being properly equipped and staffed to respond to and manage dive-related medical emergencies. Your operation will be expected to maintain programme requirements on an ongoing basis. Becoming a DAN Partner in Diving Safety is not automatic, but it is not unreasonably difficult, and the rewards are great. They include helping you build the kind of reputation that counts most to recreational divers — a commitment to diving safety.

Who can participate?
Any recreational diving operation.



Why participate?

Visibility and recognition within the recreational diving community.
DAN will promote participants in our Newsletter and on our website to our 9,000 + DAN Members.

Inclusion on the DAN Diving Safety Partners Participant online directory.

The right to include the DAN Diving Safety Partners programme symbol in your promotion and advertising.                         

The programme symbol shows your customers that you really care about dive safety.


What are the participant requirements?

To apply, you will need to supply us with your business contact information and proof of your staff's emergency preparedness. We will need to verify that your operation has proper emergency safety equipment. We will also request copies of your Emergency Assistance Plan, and a copy of your pre- and post-dive activities. Finally, we will ask that you sign a Participation Agreement.



Become a DAN Partner in Dive Safety

It's easy to become a DAN Partner in Dive Safety participant, once you are prepared. In fact, many operations have the equipment and training to qualify for DAN Partner in Dive Safety participation immediately.

1. Download the Diving safety partners Information Pack. You may also request a copy by calling 011 266 4902 or Emailus.

2. Print and complete the Application

The application includes:

1. Business Contact Information

2. Staff Preparedness Requirements

* First Aid (or equivalent)
CPR (or equivalent)
* Oxygen First Aid
* Rescue Diver

3. Planning Procedures & Equipment

* Emergency Assistance Plan
* Pre-dive Briefing
* Post-dive Activity
* Emergency Equipment

4. Participation Agreement

5. Keep a copy of all paperwork for your records and mail the original application back to:

Divers Alert Network

If your operation is already committed to safety practices and emergency preparedness, then there is no reason to delay participating in the programme. If you need help reviewing your operation's safety programme, then DAN will help you bring it up to speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will DAN verify that applicants achieve the Diving Safety Partners level of preparedness and enforce the programme?
DAN cannot visit every partner that applies. However, DAN requires that relevant documentation (e.g., proof of first aid training, copies of emergency assistance plans) and proof of safety equipment and their placement be submitted with the programme application. To enforce the programme rules, DAN staff may make unannounced visits to participating operations. DAN will also follow up on complaints that are received. Dive operators may risk liability for fraud, and misrepresentation, if they promote their business as a DAN Diving Safety Partner programme participant and do not maintain the requirements of the programme. In short, there are incentives to “play by the rules,” above and beyond the fact that it’s the right thing to do.

What if my operation cannot meet the DAN Diving Safety Partners programme requirements?
One of the programme goals is to encourage all dive operations to be able to provide emergency care for injured divers. If your operation does not meet these criteria, DAN will provide guidance and help facilitate that you to achieve DAN Diving Safety Partners recognition.

How long will it take to process my application?
Once you have submitted ALL of the requirements, it will take seven working days to process your application.

How much does it cost to be a DAN Partner in Dive Safety?
There is no cost to becoming a DAN Partner in Diving Safety if you are already a DAN Business Member. If you are not a DAN Business Member, the application fee is R 250.00

What will I get?
When DAN completes your application process, we will send you one DAN DSP Certificate, two DAN DSP stickers for display, and three DAN DSP banners. You can advertise your status as a DAN Diving Safety Partner to your customers in all your print and advertising materials. DAN will promote our Partners on our website and in our Newsletters.

Still have questions? Contact DAN for more information. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



DAN SA is a non-profit organisation, and therefore can not offer gear insurance.  Our membership policies only allow for cover for damage or loss of gear as a result of a Medical Evacuation.  DAN SA however endoreses Alpha Dive Insurance to assist you and your clients with covering your gear. 




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