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Become a DAN Partner in Dive Safety

It's easy to become a DAN Partner in Dive Safety participant, once you are prepared. In fact, many operations have the equipment and training to qualify for DAN Partner in Dive Safety participation immediately.

1. Download the Diving safety partners Information Pack. You may also request a copy by calling 011 266 4902 or Emailus.

2. Print and complete the Application

The application includes:

1. Business Contact Information

2. Staff Preparedness Requirements

* First Aid (or equivalent)
CPR (or equivalent)
* Oxygen First Aid
* Rescue Diver

3. Planning Procedures & Equipment

* Emergency Assistance Plan
* Pre-dive Briefing
* Post-dive Activity
* Emergency Equipment

4. Participation Agreement

5. Keep a copy of all paperwork for your records and mail the original application back to:

Divers Alert Network

If your operation is already committed to safety practices and emergency preparedness, then there is no reason to delay participating in the programme. If you need help reviewing your operation's safety programme, then DAN will help you bring it up to speed.

Want to support dive safety and enjoy great benefits at the same time?
Clipped to your BCD, the DAN Tag Plus lets us know you are a DAN Member.
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